cesare pastanella & pippo d'ambrosio

This project was born as a result of twenty years of collaboration between the two percussionists in numerous musical contexts.
During this period it delineates the feeling between two different personalities, united by the deepened research of rhythmic and musical traditions of other cultures and by the love for improvisation, lived as a time to communicate using different languages.
The Middle East and India of Pippo D'Ambrosio come together in harmony and musicality with Cuba, South America and Africa of Cesare Pastanella, meeting in the common area of the Mediterranean, their place of origin.
From this mixing comes a performance of sacred and secular rhythms, rich in nuances, ranging from Eastern meditation and spirituality, to African and South American corporal impulsivity to arrive, finally, to the Mediterranean solarity.

Cesare Pastanella: percussions, voice, loops, electronics
Pippo D'Ambrosio: percussions, drums

Compositions: Pippo D’Ambrosio, Cesare Pastanella

cesare pastanella afrodiaspora

It is a round trip, a multi-colored path that tells in music the journey of African slaves, deported to America in the past centuries as a work force, and the return in the form of Afro-American culture to the continent of origin.
The singing of Rosanna D'Ecclesiis, able to extend from moments of pure energy to supple and intimate whispers, interlaces with the passionality of Nando Di Modugno's guitars and with the intensity of the rhythmic section supported by the solid Francesco Cinquepalmi's double bass and Cesare Pastanella's Afro-American percussions. In 2019 was released the album “The round trip" for the label AlfaMusic.

Rosanna D'Ecclesiis: voice
Nando Di Modugno: acoustic and synth guitar
Francesco Cinquepalmi: double bass, electric bass, Venezuelan cuatro, background vocals
Cesare Pastanella: percussions, voice, background vocals

Compositions: various authors, Cesare Pastanella




Photo Arcangela Cicolecchia

kaleido sea

An imaginary sea where different colors, sounds and musical cultures meet, each time forming new polychrome figures. This is the place of invention where the different musical experiences and sensitivities of Vito Ottolino, Viz Maurogiovanni and Cesare Pastanella are combined.
Apulia is their land of origin and like this magnificent and variegated territory, geographically exposed to seas and winds, historically to invasions and migrations from every direction, their music is the ideal place for the creation of a fusion of Mediterranean sounds, Afro-American rhythms and sound mixtures that reveal jazzy taste and European harmony.
The repertory of the trio presents original compositions that range from dreamlike episodes to the succession of pressing rhythms.

Vito Ottolino : classical and acoustic guitar
Vincenzo Maurogiovanni: electric bass
Cesare Pastanella: percussions

Compositions: Vito Ottolino, Vincenzo Maurogiovanni, Cesare Pastanella

Photo Niccolà Testino
Photo Gianni Cataldi

aldo de palma & cesare pastanella

The encounter between the original and floating Aldo De Palma’s guitar and the overwhelming and delicate Cesare Pastanella’s percussions began during the long collaboration of the two musicians in the project Tavernanova.
Their music is defined world, where percussions and rhythms of African, South American and Mediterranean extraction, blend naturally to the contemporary music of a guitar that combines classical touch and sounds filtered electronically.
In this way comes to life a fascinating weaving of original compositions, rich of manifold dynamic nuances, ethereal melodies and harmonies, where the acoustic sound lives constantly with a discreet use of electronics.

Aldo De Palma: guitars, loops
Cesare Pastanella: percussions, voice, electronics

Compositions: Aldo De Palma, Cesare Pastanella

Photo Giuseppe Ottolino

cesare pastanella "talking drums"

It is a varied journey, rich in multi-ethnic colors, that the percussionist Cesare Pastanella realizes in the solo concert "Talking Drums". A path into the world music through rhythms, sounds and atmospheres that move as much in geography, from Africa to America and from Europe to the Middle East, as over time, with ethnic percussions that dialogue with modern electronic sounds and synthesizers of the Seventies and Eighties.
Each stage is an opportunity to talk about places, anecdotes and cultures of other peoples, through the ancestral language of drums and a variety of percussion.
The concert is made of both original compositions by Cesare Pastanella and stratified improvisations through the use of loops created during the performance.
An intimate journey between sounds and deep pulsations, to which you can abandon yourself, letting be guided by sensations and imagination.

Cesare Pastanella: percussions, voice, loops, wavedrum, sampler

Compositions: Cesare Pastanella